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One Valuable Concern

The only concern that would be worthwhile is: What is my true talent, my secret gift, my authentic vocation? How am I truly unique and how can I express this uniqueness, shape it, dedicate it to something outside of myself? How can I enrich myself and humanity with my talent, my individuality, my emotions and longings? Nowadays there are plenty of concepts that aim to help the person to understand their dilemma; there is an urgency of vital ideas, of simplifying the unnecessary intellectual complication. 

Multiple esoteric resources temporarily dismantle tension with the reduction of everything to rational concepts or ritualistic distraction.

How to seize an opportunity, act, put the cards on the table, express your own opinions, choose the right moment for a change? The risk is to get rid of the known and safe and aspire to something that, while not offering us total security, we believe is better than what we currently have or, at least, it is necessary to survive.

Risking is the essence of everything worthwhile in life. Who does not risk, does not find true love, does not develop a real power and does not gain anything of value in life.