The Pain That Most Limit Us

While I was studying the Biology of Knowing and Loving at the Matrixtico Institute of Chile, with the biologist and humanist Humberto Maturana, I received one of his pearls when he told me that the main pain of every human being is found in the constant denial of oneself for not express the inner potential that you know you have and can develop. Science recognizes this and refers to this same pain, in one way or another... as the pain of not being yourself!

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What Culture Doesn't Tell Us About Personal Growth

Can I really grow with phrases, books or course of personal development? In some proportion, surely. But often 2 things happen: 1) Either we become information gatherers and only use the new contents of our memory to feed our inflated ego, or...

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Why Do I Lose Interest In Improving Myself, Even If I Have Tried Many Times?

Recall that one of the thinking styles that is stagnating human evolution the most, is the so-called Pluralist Relativism (presented in the Unplug Course of the Master Program in Integral Human Development of the Vital Learning Platform), which is who believes he has overcome the religious, scientific, technological and materialist vision of the world today... who believes he has the most humane, solidary, or spiritual solutions... who believes that in life everything has justification or everythingis right, and avoids assuming positions or thoughts to avoid conflict or effort.

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